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IELTS Test Strategies - Writing Test Strategies

IELTS Tips has compiled a number of exercises for IELTS candidates who want to improve their Writing Test techniques. They are available as a web page and also as PDF files. To access the PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader.

If you don't have it, click here for a free download:



Complete the exercises and compare your answers where there are answer keys:

  1. How do I use linking words effectively?   Web | PDF | Key
  2. FAQs about Pie Chart Questions - Task 1   Web | PDF | Key
  3. Useful Language for Pie Charts  Web | PDF | Key
  4. Understanding what you are writing about in Task 1?   Web | PDF | Key
  5. How do I organise my answer to Writing Task 2?  Web | PDF | Key
  6. Understanding what you are being asked to write about in Task 2.  Web | PDF | Key
  7. What do the Writing Task 2 questions mean?  Web | PDF | Key

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