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Aim: This section answers commonly asked questions about giving a good answer to a pie chart question in Task 1.

Problems: Many candidates write about every detail in a pie chart in a list format. This means that their sentence structure is very limited and they can't get more than a Band 5. 

Are pie chart questions more difficult than other Task 1 questions?    
No, not really - they might appear more complicated visually because of the way they represent information and also because pie charts are normally in questions with more than 1 set of data, but they are no more difficult (or easy!) than other Task 1 questions.

Do I have to include all of the information in a pie chart?   
No, you don't. Pie charts often have categories such as 'miscellaneous' and 'others'; you don't have to include these areas in your answers because it's not really clear what they refer to and they are normally included just to make up 100%. Also, writing "…in addition miscellaneous accounted for 7% of all car sales…" doesn't really make any sense.    

How should I organize my answer…  

i) If there's only 1 pie chart?  

It's probably best to look for 2 or 3 groups within the chart, for example: small / medium / large. Take a look at the chart below:

Pie Charts in the IELTS Writing Test

In this chart you can put BMW and Benz into the 'small' group, Toyota and Honda into the 'medium' group and Nissan and Mitsubishi into the 'large' group.

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