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Useful Language for Speaking Phase TwoProblems: Most candidates give good answers to Phase Two, but they tend to put the information into separate sentences and don't try to link it all together. In Phase Two you can increase your score for organization quite a lot if you know how to link sentences.    

Phase Two Tasks

Generally Phase Two tasks fall into 4 categories: 

- Something you do
- Something you like
- Describing something
- Something you have done in the past

In the first 3 categories you will need to talk in the present tenses, normally the Present Simple; and in category 4 you will be using mainly the Past Simple.

Compare the following two Phase Two answers:


At the weekend I go fishing. I go fishing with my friend and my friend's father. We go fishing in Kanchanaburi province. We go fishing early in the morning. We fish for five or six hours. We leave about 7pm. We have dinner on the way home. We arrive home at about 10pm.


Usually at the weekends I go fishing. I always go with my friend and his father. We go to Kanchanaburi province and we leave early in the morning. When we arrive, we usually fish for about five or six hours. We will leave about 7pm and we quite often stop for dinner on the way back before arriving home at around 10pm.

Highlight the adverbs of frequency and conjunctions that are used in Passage B. Can you think of any more adverbs of frequency and conjunctions? Complete the table below:

Adverbs of frequency          Conjunctions                   






Tips: If you use the present tenses in your Phase Two answer, it is useful to include some adverbs of frequency to add more detail to your answer. Conjunctions are useful for all Phase Two answers because they link ideas together in the same sentence, which will increase your score. Try to use pronouns whenever possible to avoid repeating the same subjects again and again. If you use the past tenses in your Phase Two answer, it is a good idea to use sequencers to link the information in the different sentences. You can also use sequencers as conjunctions. 

Look at the following Phase Two answer using the past tenses. Can you improve it with the TIPS above?

Last year I went to Koh Samui in the south of Thailand. Koh Samui is a beautiful island in the south of Thailand. I went to Koh Samui with my two friends. My two friends are from university. I and my two friends from university went to Koh Samui by bus on a Monday morning. The bus left at 8.30am. We arrived at Chumpon at 4.00pm in the afternoon. We took a boat to Koh Samui. It was about three hours. We arrived at Koh Samui in the evening. We ate dinner. We stayed for five nights. We went snorkeling. We ate delicious spicy food. We drank beer. We sunbathed. We played on a banana boat. We returned to Bangkok on the Saturday morning.

Check the Answer Key.

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