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IELTS Speaking PartnersDo you need an IELTS speaking partner? If so, let us know. We will add you to our directory of people looking for someone to practise speaking English with. You can search through our members and send an email to the person(s) you are interested in practising with. Hopefully, you can get together with people online at a convenient time to practise speaking. We expect most people to communicate online through Skype, MSN, etc. and for obvious reasons we don't encourage people meeting face-to-face. We will remove anyone who is reported to us as not really wanting to practise for the IELTS speaking test.

To get involved, send us your name, location, and first language. Also tell us what you are doing at the moment (university, etc.) and your email address. We'll then immediatly set you up in our directory. Make sure you tell us your last IELTS speaking score. If you haven't taken the IELTS test yet, be sure to let us know if you are an advanced, intermediate, pre-intermediate or elementary level English speaker. Click here to send us your details...

Click here for a list of IELTS speaking partners. {fcomment}

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