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Educational Consultants
Many people wish to study abroad. Deciding which country to go to, which university, college or institution to attend, and which course to study, can prove a problem. Once you have made these decisions, there are issues such as student visas to attend to. Luckily, there are a large number of educational consultants available worldwide to help guide you in making these decisions. Educational consultants will guide you through the selection process, and with their expertise, guide you towards the best country, university and course to meet your educational needs. Below are the details of a wide range of educational consultants around the world.
ALL WIN Educational Consultancy Alpha Computer Consultants Bansari Overseas
British Counselling & Educational Services British IELTS Broadmind Study Abroad Consultant
CEP Russia credo visas kerala Divine Foundation
Dreams Overseas PVT LTD. Education Gateway - Your way to Succes Gateway Inter Study
Glee Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Hands On Education Consultants Innovative Knowledge Institute
Limra Education Consultants MBAThinkTank Melbourne Education and Information Centre
MIRPUR College UK Personality Development Classes in Amritsar SAFE CAREER CONSULTANTS
SAM Associates Shah and Meer Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd Study abroad consultant
Study Connect International Services, Inc. Teaching-English-Vietnam The London Teacher Training College
UK Work Study Ltd VIHAC English study programs

If you are studying in a foreign country, homestays are probably the most convenient when to acquire the accommodation you need. Renting a room from a family local to the area you are living in enables you to learn more about the culture of the country you are staying in and gain an insight into the lifestyles of the people who live there. Probably one of the most important reasons to choose a homestay is improving your language – you will have no option but to engage the family you are living with and as a result your fluency will improve beyond recognition in a very short period of time. Often homestays provide language lessons where you are staying. Below is a list of global homestays.
British Educational Tours Intensive English Homestay

IELTS Preparation Centers / IELTS Coaching Centers
There are many people worldwide interested in taking their academic career to a country where English is spoken. Likewise, there are many qualified people who are interested in living and working in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For both groups of people, the first step to achieving their ambitions is taking the IELTS test, and fortunately there are a number of world class IELTS preparation centers and English language centers around the world where IELTS training takes place. What follows is a listing of the IELTS tuition available worldwide.
Ace American Ace It Training Advance International College
Adviks English Academy Anglo English Avenue English
Axiom Education BANGKOK IELTS INTENSIVE PREPARATION Best IELTS Coaching Center in Amritsar
Bit Services IELTS & Study Abroad Consultants Shimla Bonfield College British Counselling & Educational Services
Camford Academy Cape Studies - Language School Divine Foundation
ECC ECS Scotland ELITE Institute
ENGLISH TO GO Fateh Fillip Lingua
GREENS Consultants - IELTS by UK Trained Faculty Gurus Academy IBEST English Center
IELTS coaching center IELTS Coaching in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh IELTS Course in Manchester
IELTS Institute IELTS Institute IELTS Mentors
IELTS Preparation IELTS Preparation at Lincoln College, UK IELTS Training Center Ahmedabad
inlingua School of Languages IELTS Course International School of English Language (ISEL) Istanbul IELTS
Kapri Institute of English Speaking Kapri Institute of English Speaking - IELTS Courses KCPI
Language Express Manjoorans Educational Academy Pvt.Ltd Navigator Overseas
New Cambridge Institute (Thailand) New College Manchester NIKUNJAM IELTS ENGLISH STUDY CENTRE< Jagathy Jn., Trivandrum City
Oxbridge English School Oxford Royale Academy Academic Writing with IELTS Prep Perfect English IELTS Preparation Centre
Prof.Ida Dowson,CENTRE FOR IELTS ScoreGetter Test Prep SEDA Academy
Sethi Study Circle Special IELTS Training with Immigration Guidance for Doctors & Nurses TechnoVoice
The IELTS Academy The New School of English, Cambridge The Pacific Institute of Technology
Unique Languages UNSW Institute of Languages Vandana's IELTS
Venture English Institute Vibgyor Education Warnborough College

IELTS Speaking Partners
If you are looking for an IELTS speaking partner, IELTS tips offers a listing of people who want to practise speaking via Skype, MSN, or any other online communication means. There should be someone for matching your level. Check the listings below. We strongly recommend that people practise speaking online and do not meet face-to-face with people they don't really know. The dangers are obvious. If you wish to do so please be aware of the potential risks and note that you have been warned. Certainly do not give out personal information like your address to people you meet online. If you believe someone registered below is not really interested in practising English for the IELTS test, let us know and we will remove them from the list.
Hadi Hanouneh Himanshu Ibrahim
ielts speaking IELTS Speaking Partner Ma. Aileen Amoto
NADEEM ASGHAR Nasir Taha Nicoleqin
Om Shrestha Rehan Tejashwini

IELTS Test Centers
Given the importance of the IELTS test to those who want to study or work and live in an English speaking country, there are numerous IELTS Test Centers around the world. There is a test center in most capital cities, as there are in many major cities. More and more test centers are opening all the time, so taking the IELTS test is becoming increasingly convenient.
IH Dubai International House Language Centre Palermo SERC IELTS Centre
UNSW Institute of Languages

Immigration Consultants
Many people have the ambition to live and work in a country where English is spoken as a first language. Often though, the amount of red tape and paperwork required to apply for residency permits, etc. is overwhelming for an individual. As a result, Immigration Consultants are often engaged to guide an application process to successful fruition. Below is a list of Immigration Consultants worldwide who are ready and able to help you achieve your dream of living and working abroad.
Aalaa International Educational & Immigration Conseil Australian Registered Migration Agent BTW VISA SERVICES PVT LTD
GOPAL INTERNATIONAL Immigration consultant in Delhi Immigration Consultant In Plympton
Just Legal Group

Online IELTS Preparation Courses
Although there are numerous IELTS courses available at language centers and schools, some people might not live close enough to an institution to be able to study there. Fortunately, there are numerous online IELTS training courses available. These courses offer tuition in each of the fours skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – and many utilize Internet technology to offer one-to-one tuition. Quality varies, so research any course you choose carefully.
Ajanta School of Foreign Languages Beacon English Solutions and Training Belajar IELTS Online
cloudnine ielts Curso de IELTS Online English-Classonline
ePrepz IELTS IELTS / TOEFL online preparation IELTS Course at Your Fingertips
IELTS Saudi IELTS Simulado Online My English Advisers
My-iTeacher IELTS MyEnglishTeacher.eu Online English Teacher
Online IELTS Classes/Training ONLINE IELTS PREPERATION COURSE - JUST $49.50 Online IELTS Tuition
Readable English VLE Works YES! IELTS

Overseas Employment Consultants
If you wish to work overseas, you need to navigate the maze of red tape, documentation and interviews required for you to fulfill your ambition. Although it is possible to do all of this alone, it is often advisable to receive professional help. Fortunately, there are a number of agencies and other organizations that act as overseas employment consultants. These job agencies to offer advice and guidance on migration and immigration and a host of other activities related to working abroad. Below is a list of such agencies that might be able to provide the assistance you need.
Divine Foundation Step Int'l Limited TeacherGig

Private IELTS Trainers and Tutors
Although studying in a class is beneficial, for many, studying one-to-one with an IELTS trainer or tutor offers significant benefits. One-to-one training allows trainers and tutors the ability to focus on the specific needs of an individual student and help that student achieve his or her educational goals more effectively. Although generally more expensive, many people believe the individual attention one-to-one training provides is often more cost effective than group or classroom-based training.
Ielts özel ders IELTS Express IELTS Tutor, College Instructor, Canada
Martin's IELTS Blog Help Onkar Tutorial